Words entangled

“She used her words as a weapon to unwind his awry soul.”

Since time immemorial, words prove to be the best weapon. They create a deep impact in each and every soul. Just plant your words correctly and leave them to grow perfectly. They just require your sunlight to do their work. You give them with your light and they can do wonders for you. They can touch someone’s soul and stay there forever.

“Words are magic and writer is a magician.”

Yes they are magic and the one who knows how to play with them is surely a magician. Words know how to do the magic of healing the souls, they can be anodyne to many. With their magic, they can heal many hearts. With their magic, they can turn demons into angels. I believe in the magic of words and wish everyone else can feel the magic too.

“Words provide food to our starving souls.”

Each and every soul is unsatisfied and hungry. It craves for something as delicious as tangled words. I welcome every starving soul in this world of tangled words. My aim is clear, just to provide food to each starving soul.